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Doing business, the right way.

Excalibur Explosives PLLC we are not only about doing the work we are also about problem solving as a Drilling and Blasting solution company we offer technical consultation and services Beyond Drilling and blasting to solve problems and when we solve problems our customers stick with us...

Conducting business THE RIGHT WAY means treating our employees, customers, and suppliers with the highest level of dignity and respect.

Excalibur International Group

Excalibur Trucking LLC (ETL)

Excalibur Trucking LLC (ETL)

Excalibur Trucking LLC is committed to delivering best-in-class hazardous materials transportation services focused on safe, dependable, and professional drivers who consistently outperform our competition by providing a superior service at a competitive price.

Excalibur Hazmat & Chemical Solutions LLC (EHCSL)

Excalibur Hazmat & Chemical Solutions LLC (EHCSL)

EHCSL is committed to transporting sensitive hazmat freight. Owner Operators and drivers within this division all hold hazardous materials endorsements and are qualified to move many different commodities falling into the hazmat classification.

Excalibur Explosives PLLC  (EEP)

Excalibur Explosives PLLC (EEP)

Excalibur Explosives PLLC we are not only about doing the work we are also about problem solving as a Drilling and Blasting solution company we offer technical consultation and services Beyond Drilling and blasting to solve problems and when we solve problems our customers stick with us

Tesseract Investments PLLC (TIP)

Tesseract Investments PLLC (TIP)

Adopting best market investment strategies from the value investors around the world at Tesseract investments PLLC we invest a portion of profit from Excalibur Trucking LLC & Excalibur Explosives PLLC to markets around the world.

ChemEx CRYO International PLLC (CCIP)

ChemEx CRYO International PLLC (CCIP)

Chemex Cryo international PLLC is a global leader in the supply and logistics of custom high value industrial gases such as hydrogen, helium, Carbon dioxide,Nitrogen and other inert gases.

Redshift Organic farms DBA SARA Farms

Redshift Organic farms DBA SARA Farms

We have small family farms near Yuba City,CA, Sacramento CA and Houston TX and produce organic Walnuts, Grapes and Pecans our crops are USDA organic certified.

Markets & Services.

While we are known for our heavy hauling capabilities in over dimensional freight, Excalibur has developed expertise in the transport of freight for markets that require specialized hazmat handling.

Privatized and government space operations rely on Excalibur to transport high-value components over the road. Whether long-haul or short-haul, Excalibur moves rocket, satellite and aeronautics components to and from assembly areas, launch sites and recovery facilities all over the US.

Excalibur is a young company and has a rich history of serving our country and the United States Government. We stand proud as one of only a handful of carriers approved to transport both Arms Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E) for the Department of Defense and Radioactive material for the United States Department of Energy. 

At Excalibur, nothing is too heavy or too specialized. We don’t just think outside the box, we live there. If you need to ship items that won’t fit on standard flatbeds – even things that can’t fit in a single highway lane – we’re the ones to call for your heavy haul or specialized trucking needs.

Excalibur Heavy and Specialized can transport all classes of hazardous materials and accommodate the most challenging logistics scenarios. From ammunition and explosives to nuclear fuel, and radioactive waste shipments, we have you covered.

Our experts coordinate complex and versatile transportation solutions for even the most complex short- or long-haul shipments, including over the road, intermodal/rail and international freight.

We don’t just deliver your products. We partner with you to analyze your domestic and global supply chain needs to develop an efficient, cost-effective solution that aligns with your competitive strategy. We have more than 6 years of experience reducing supply chain costs by improving efficiencies and getting the best freight rates for mid-sized businesses and Fortune 100 corporations. Excalibur offers more experience, more services, and more stability. Whether you need non-asset-based freight, 3PL/4PL or complex project services, let us deliver more for you.







Our drivers are our #1 asset, and as such their equipment has to be the best! Our "best in class" equipment features the newest Kenworths, Peterbilts, Volvos and Freightliners. Our entire fleet is outfitted with E-logs, refrigerators, CB radios, SiriusXM, as well as comfortable and spacious sleepers for driver comfort.

  • Paid Vacation up to four weeks
  • Company match 401k
  • Seniority and Anniversary Bonuses - up to $10,000/year per Driver
  • $1,500 Transition Bonus payable in the first two weeks
  • Specialized freight
  • Average Pay $1,700 - $2,700 Per Driver/Per Week
  • 100% employer-paid health insurance option
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Weekly
  • Life & Supplemental Insurance
  • 401k Plan/STOCK OPTIONS
  • HAZMAT Endorsement
  • Verifiable Class A CDL
  • 23 Years of Age or Older
  • Minimum of 1 year Recent OTR Experience
  • If you need to transport cargo whether it requires flatbed or step deck services, Excalibur team can make it happen. We have flexible shipping configurations to ensure that your load is transported safely and free of damage. For any complex haul, our experts will provide assistance for your next freight shipment. Learn more about our diverse fleets today.

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One load feeds one soul.

Our pledge ( “one load feeds one soul”) is to donate $1 from every load of ETL EHCSL and CCIP to feed kids in Africa and Asia.

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