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About Excalibur International Group

Doing business the right way - Conducting business THE RIGHT WAY means treating our employees, customers, and suppliers with the highest level of dignity and respect.


Our History

April 2017

Excalibur group received federal approval to become a HAZMAT carrier. The first Excalibur HAZMAT contracts cantered around the shipment of commercial rocket motors and launchers in support of privatized space programs. The experience gained within this market fuelled Excalibur's desire to enter the Ammunition and Explosives market for both commercial and United States Department of Defence customers.

May 2019

Excalibur moved to expand our hazmat footprint and enter the Department of Energy (DOE) market.  Having a local approval to service the customers needs also highlighted the need to expand that to a national approval status.  Excalibur applied for national approval and after undergoing DOE's Motor Carrier Evaluation Program, received National Carrier status in May 2022.

June 2021

Excalibur became the first carrier in nearly 30 years to receive approval from the Department of Defence and the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) to transport ammunition and explosives. Excalibur was the first carrier to undergo evaluation using newly established, much more stringent standards, and is now a pace-setter in the industry.

Our vision

To grow at a steady and responsible pace and to be recognized and admired as a market leader because of unsurpassed customer service and dedication to our employees, contractors, and business partners.


Years of experience

Company Mission

Excalibur Trucking  LLC is committed to delivering best-in-class hazardous materials transportation services focused on safe, dependable, and professional drivers who consistently outperform our competition by providing a superior service at a competitive price.  

Our team members

The members of our team are heartbeat of our operation. Our team members are well trained to meet MSHA standards all members undergo MSHA refresher once a year and all members are in power to do all the necessary to achieve safe and high quality outcomes

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is not off boss / employee, rather team leaders and teams in this experience, Knowledge and Skills of each other team members that produce good shots. Our team leaders use coaching styles of management

our values

Excalibur Explosives PLLC we take our values seriously; they are the foundations on which our company has stood and will continue to stand. They provide the guidance for the action that we take, day in and day out, to ensure we are doing our very best to keep our coworkers, customers and family and friends safe and healthy.


Our Pledge - 'One Load Feeds One Soul'

We donated $6253.00 in 2022,$1252.00 in 2021 our goal is to surpass $10000 for 2023 so why wait, hurry up and book your next hazmat shipment with our group of companies and be a part of the greater deed. All aforementioned companies goal is to be Carbon neutral by 2035 and net carbon zero emitter by 2050.

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