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EXCALIBUR Explosives PLLC (EEP) has a sister company, EXCALIBUR TRUCKING LLC (ETL). While EXCALIBUR EXPLOSIVES PLLC do drilling and blasting, ETL transports explosive components like 1.1D,1.5, 1.4, ammonium nitrate emulsions and ammonium nitrate prill, as well as ANFO, from the manufacturer to the end-user or wholesalers. EXCALIBUR TRUCKING LLC was created in 2017 to fill a transport need for both EXCALIBUR EXPLOSIVES PLLC and other customers it serves. ETL has 8 sleeper tractors and 5 tanker trailers, 5 pneumatic tankers, 2 auger trailers, 7 Reefer hazmat trailers and 4 dry vans. ETL operates out of Yuba City, CA, Sacramento, CA, McCarran, NV and Houston, TX

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