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Case Study

Chemex Cryo international PLLC is a global leader in the supply  and logistics of custom high value industrial gases such as hydrogen, helium, Carbon dioxide,Nitrogen and other inert gases.

These gases have to be transported with  utmost caution using cryogenic containers and cylinders by ground, rail,air or ship as any fluctuation in temperature can make the gases unstable leading to catastrophic failure. Our expert staff have the knowledge and the wherewithal to handle such precious and delicate cargo for space , defense and commercial markets and serve all customers in North America, Africa and Asia.

Our mission is to efficiently handle the logistics of the aforementioned gases with minimal carbon footprint,in a cost efficient way in its entirety.

ChemEx Cryo from the point of origin to destination, provides easy ordering, fulfillment, shipping, continuous tracking and monitoring, documentation assistance and 24/7/365 Providing high quality services in gas logistics through innovative solutions, ChemEx Cryo international PLLC owns competence in: Freight forwarding, Technical support and Service

Exclusively on the cryogenic & compressed gases market, we do the following:

  • Pre-transport by truck:
    • For containers: between our container depot, the gas plant and the export terminal
    • For cylinders: between our container depot, the gas plant and our loading platform
  • Delivery FOB
  • Consolidation
  • Maritime documentation (Bill of Lading, waiver)
  • Holding time calculation
  • Sea freight (short sea, deep sea, cross trade, worldwide, FCL & LCL)
  • Export/Import coordination and follow-up of the shippers’ equipment
  • Customs clearance (EXA/IMA, temporary documents, tax representation, transit documents)
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